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The Ajmeria Property process is focused on you, the client our integrated service makes buying an investment land as trouble-free as possible. Importantly, we identify the right category of land of your budget requirement. We offer our services for an investment of 10 Cr or more. This is how we go about it.

1). Consultation:
Our initial meeting is focused on clearing understanding your investment amount and to explain you our terms and conditions such as profit sharing ratio the profit sharing ratio is 70% investor’s & 30% ours in net profit though 1% of service charge of total investment at the time of buying land which is not refundable but will deduct from our said 30% net profit.

2). Targeted Land Search:
Finding the right land is one of the keys to success based on the agreed land criteria, we source relevant investment land for your portfolio. Each land with photograph will be shown to the investor if investor likes land then we arrange inspection and meeting with owner.

3). Get Investors:
As soon as the registration process finish we start our work first we try to get investor’s name on 7/12 as soon as possible then we go for TLR survey, layout Plan, N A, Separation of 7/12 etc. …

4). Searching Buyers:
Once the separation of 7/2 done we start searching of buyers as soon as we get buyers we inform investor to deal with buyer. If the investor wants to sell in a small plot sale by marketing companies, then his invested money will be given back first. Once the invested money will be taken by investor, we start taking our profit vice versa.